Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Review of Staying Away at Christmas - Katie Fforde

The bit on the back…

Miranda and her daughters have rented a cosy cottage for Christmas. The only trouble is, Anthony and his children are booked into the same place. In a moment of Christmas spirit, Miranda suggests they all spend yuletide together. Will the mistletoe help ease the tension and bring some cheer? Will romance blossom under the stars? Or will it be a Christmas they'd all rather forget?

This is another Christmas short story, by an author I’ve never read, but where I wished that the story had been longer! This eBook short is about two families, Miranda’s and Anthony’s. Both single parent families with their parents trying to give their kids the perfect Christmas. But when both families turn out to have rented the same cottage for the holiday season the perfect Christmas they had both envisaged seems further from perfect than what they would have had, had they stayed at home.

This is an endearing short story where the tale of two families will warm your heart as they all embrace the new way to celebrate Christmas. Miranda, single mum and her two daughters are off to the cottage with a car stuffed with food and gifts. Anthony and his son and daughter, are off to the cottage to get out from the scrutiny and overbearing kindness of Anthony’s sister.

I instantly liked Miranda, but wasn’t so sure about Anthony. I kind of felt like he looked down on Miranda and was a bit of an arrogant, I’m Mr Right-All-The-Time sod at the start. Once his heart softened a little as his children gets to know Miranda’s he seems to lose some of his hard exterior.

This is a lovely little Christmas story that will fill you with the Christmassy warn ,fuzzy familial feeling just in time for the festivities!


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  1. Oh my goodness, how can you not hav read Katie Fforde?? She is by far one of my top three all time authors! Restoring Grace and Floras Lot r two of my favs!! I am addicted to anything Katie Fforde, Jill Mansell and Milly Johnson. Love their writing. Each one is able to completely teleport me to another place, the worlds in which they create are idyllic (IMO), I love their characters, very flawed, but they don't harp too much on it. These ladies are soooo super talented. If you haven't read anymore of Katie Fforde, please I urge you to take a gander!


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