Saturday, 7 December 2013

Tinseltown - Victoria Fox

The bit on the back...

Dom Judd is the hottest man in Hollywood. He'll do anything to get out of being a sexy Santa in Hollywood’s famous Tinseltown parade…but can he persuade his brother to take the reins? Waitress Clare has just been dumped. Playing Rudolph is hardly going to help her single status - until she sees how drop-dead gorgeous Father Christmas is! Laney Allen has shot to fame, but hates the limelight - and it seems only Santa can help her overcome her stage-fright... As the snow falls and sleigh bells ring, whose Tinseltown dreams will come true?

At first when I was researching for my Christmas series I didn't see this delight (eBook only!). However after trawling pages and pages of Christmas themed books and shorts Amazon kindly added this to my "recommended for you".

I've just finished another of Victoria's books, 'Temptation Island' and was pleased to see that the same witty style and characterisation was present in this delightful short.

The name, with a double meaning, grabbed my attention, immediately alluding to glamour and celebrity that is so consistent with Victoria. The story follows three characters, Clare, Laney and Dom as they all take part in the celebrity Christmas parade. Even though it is short each characters story is quickly told for the reader and the interaction between each character is explored.

Dubiety over happy endings and mystery surrounding one of the characters will keep you hooked right through.  A great short story full of bah humbug-turned-Christmas spirit and enough bonking to maintain the bonkbuster accolade that Victoria is usually given.

Erin x

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  1. Omg I LOVE Victoria Fox! I am going to download this now!!!! Great review, thanks lovely! xx


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