Sunday, 30 November 2014

Review of The Sunrise by Victoria Hislop

The bit on the back…

In the summer of 1972, Famagusta in Cyprus is the most desirable resort in the Mediterranean, a city bathed in the glow of good fortune. An ambitious couple are about to open the island's most spectacular hotel, where Greek and Turkish Cypriots work in harmony. Two neighbouring families, the Georgious and the Özkans, are among many who moved to Famagusta to escape the years of unrest and ethnic violence elsewhere on the island. But beneath the city's façade of glamour and success, tension is building.

When a Greek coup plunges the island into chaos, Cyprus faces a disastrous conflict. Turkey invades to protect the Turkish Cypriot minority, and Famagusta is shelled. Forty thousand people seize their most precious possessions and flee from the advancing soldiers. In the deserted city, just two families remain. This is their story.

Firstly thank you to the wonderful people at Headline for sending me a copy of this to review.

This is the first Victoria Hislop novel that I’ve finished however in a more recent discussion with my colleagues I decided that I wanted to try another of her novels. The e-mail from Headline came at just the right time.

This story is set in Cyprus and tells the story two fictional families during the very real troubles that Cyprus faced in the 70s. The story focuses on the three families – the Papacostas, the Georgious and the Özkans. Each family is different to the next however they have one thing in common and that is their hope for survival.

At first I found the story quite difficult to get into and immerse myself in. I think this is in part due to the historical content of the story as it’s a subject that I knew very little, if anything, about before I began reading. The first half of the story really sets out the plot and introduces you to the characters and builds the relationships up between them.

After the halfway point the story really picks up and I found that I didn’t want to put the book down. The direction of the story becomes clear and the parts the characters will play in the remainder of the story become clear.

In the beginning Hislop creates an image of the idyllic holiday destination. The imagery really brings the town to life and I could almost feel the hope and vibrant potential of the beachfront of Famagusta. A testament to her writing style is the absolute paradox that is drawn when the extent of the conflict is discovered. An almost apocalyptic scene unfolds in front of the characters and the terrifying, haunting remains are really quite powerful. The will to survive is prevalent but equally so is the fear of living in Famagusta as it has become.

As I said this is something I knew little about but something I’ve read up on now after reading this compelling story. I really enjoyed this read although more so in the latter half.

Saturday, 29 November 2014

Review of The Affair Week 6 by Beth Kery

The bit on the back…

Overwhelmed with worry for the safety of her heart, Emma tells Montand what few women have: No. But as he reminds her, she promised him she'd be his for five weeks, and promised herself she'd never again run away from a challenge. Especially one so irresistible. Now, on the glamorous playground of the Cote d'Azur Emma and Montand indulge in the all-or-nothing pleasures of the rich and famous-from the Cannes roulette wheels, to the most decadent restaurants to the dark challenges and raptures of the bedroom, they're set on a dizzying, dangerous course...and there's no turning back.

But when Montand is suddenly faced with his past and his vulnerability, he realizes that the woman he's come to worship will not be a part of his future.

Firstly thank you to Headline Eternal for approving me for a copy of this to review via NetGalley. I was really looking forward to week 6 after finishing week 5.

I’m so enjoying this series right now. I am hooked on Vanni Montand and I love how feisty Emma is – she really gives as good as she gets, keeping him on his toes. I like how she stands up to him and wants to protect herself which really makes her stand out for me.

Although I love when Emma stands up to him I also love when they are getting along. Their relationship is hot and intense and everything – down to the way Vanni wants Emma – is hot! 

I cannot wait for the rest of the series.

Friday, 28 November 2014

Review of Stepbrother Dearest by Penelope Ward

The bit on the back…

You're not supposed to want the one who torments you.

When my stepbrother, Elec, came to live with us my senior year, I wasn't prepared for how much of a jerk he'd be.

I hated that he took it out on me because he didn't want to be here.

I hated that he brought girls from our high school back to his room.

But what I hated the most was the unwanted way my body reacted to him.

At first, I thought all he had going for him were his rock-hard tattooed abs and chiseled face. But things started changing between us, and it all came to a head one night.

Then, just as quickly as he'd come into my life, he was gone back to California.

It had been years since I'd seen Elec.

When tragedy struck our family, I'd have to face him again.

And holy hell, the teenager who made me crazy was now a man that drove me insane.

I had a feeling my heart was about to get broken again.

I had read one other book that had a similar sounding story line to this so that was the initial attraction however after reading some of the reviews, which were quite mixed, I wasn’t too sure what to expect.

The story is about Greta and her step brother Elec.

A disappointing read to say the least. It is almost completely forgettable – I had to go and look up the MC’s name – and just completely immature.

The narrative is very young and this is emphasised by the language – one example “tongue kissed” (I mean seriously) – the characters are only 18 but I mean come on, surely if this is an attempt at a new adult novel we could actually have some more mature vocabulary?

Reading some of the 5 star reviews it feels as if I’ve read another book completely. There are parts of the plot that seemed integral but were glossed over and I found myself glazing over. I skim read through the last quarter of this at least because it became more and more implausible.

The relationship between the characters is yo-yo at best and I don’t actually understand how it could go from being so “passionate” to nothingness – we live in the 21st century long distance relationships last! Cheating on girlfriends and skipping out on funerals to go and live it up in a casino are just examples of the ridiculous tangents that this story went off on.

Sorry not for me – wouldn’t recommend it.

Thursday, 27 November 2014

Review of Once Perfect by Cecy Robson

The bit on the back…

Evelyn Preston’s future once looked perfect—until her wealthy father was caught in an embezzlement scandal and took his own life. Alone and struggling to pay her college tuition and bills, Evelyn finds a job as a waitress at the ultra-hip nightclub Excess, where she used to have more in common with the privileged private-school clientele than her fellow staff members. But something attracts her to the sexy six-foot-four bouncer and underground MMA fighter Mateo Tres Santos. Although they’ve led different lives, their troubled pasts bond them in both survival and love.

Mateo is ex-army who wound up in prison for assaulting the man who harmed his sister. Now he’s feeling the same protective impulse for this petite blond waitress. When Evelyn experiences a panic attack at the club, Mateo comes to her rescue. And when Mateo is wounded shielding her from a brawl, Evelyn returns the favor and comes to his aid.

As their attraction intensifies, Mateo is determined to find out what nightmares are lurking in Evelyn’s past—even if that means tackling his own to save her.

Firstly thank you to Loveswept, Random House, for approving me for a review copy of this book via NetGalley. This is the first time I’ve read anything by Cecy Robson but definitely won’t be the last as I’ve signed up to tour with Tasty Book Tours and Once Loved early next year.

The story is all about main characters Evelyn and Mateo.

The blurb of the story really pulled me in and that is what initially hooked my interest in the story. Evelyn is on her own and trying to make her way through nursing school. I really liked her character’s sense of independence and determination to put her past behind her and move forward on her own two feet.

Mateo sounds gorgeous. He is a real family guy and he has such a generous and kind personality which is the complete antithesis of his hard exterior and reputation. I liked that he looked out for Evelyn but also for his sisters too.

There were times where I got annoyed with the writing when the difference in race between Evelyn and Mateo was constantly played on and thought that the story could have been just as good with less of this.

The story felt quite realistic and if you’ve enjoyed Jamie McGuire’s Beautiful Disaster I think you would enjoy this too.

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Review of More Than Words - Lilly Avalon

The bit on the back…

All of her friends know her as Dana Darling, the clean romance writer. She's never written a steamy novel, not even in her head, but now her publisher needs her to write one. It doesn't appear too difficult at first, but then Dana's lack of sexual knowledge creates writer's block.

That's where her friend Landon comes in. She needs pointers on positions and dirty talk, and he owes her a favor. They agree that it's strictly business and clothes are mandatory, but once they get to work, it's another story entirely... one that's being written between the sheets and not on paper.

*More Than Words is an erotica novella*

Firstly thank you to Patchwork Press for approving me for a copy of this via NetGalley.

I requested this short novella because I liked the sound of the blurb and I’ve really enjoyed the friend to lover storyline in other books.

Unfortunately I found myself enduring it rather than enjoying it. The novella is thankfully short but to me was completely unbelievable and unrealistic. I found that I couldn’t relate to the main character Dana and couldn’t comprehend her age and author status with all of her experience and how she could be so paradoxically inexperienced. That just didn’t compute for me.

Her friend turned lover was a fellow writer in this case but even that friendship didn’t seem close enough to have potential to make the happy ending occur.

I can’t recommend this as there are so many better, full length novels with the same plot idea that are just so much better.

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Review of Saving Grace by Jane Green

The bit on the back…

A perfect stranger wants her perfect life.

Grace Chapman has the perfect life, living comfortably with her husband, bestselling author Ted, in a picture-perfect farmhouse on the Hudson River in New York State.

Then Ted advertises for a new assistant, and Beth walks into their lives. Organized, passionate and eager to learn, Beth quickly makes herself indispensable to Ted and his family. But Grace soon begins to feel side-lined in her home - and her marriage - by this ambitious younger woman.

Is Grace just paranoid, as her husband tells her, or is there more to Beth than first thought?

Thank you to Macmillan for approving me for a review copy of this title via netgalley. I’ve been reading Jane Green books for years and I was over the moon to be approved for a review copy for Saving Grace, her latest novel.

I was completely disappointed and found that I couldn’t even finish this book.

The story centres round Grace Chapman and her hectic life. Her life looks perfect from the outside but isn’t anything like it on the inside.

I had quite high hopes for this book because it’s been maybe a year or so since I’ve read anything from Jane Green so I was looking forward to reading it. I found it hard at first to get into the storyline but didn’t know if that was just because I was getting used to Jane’s style again and nothing to do with the storyline itself. I persevered though.

I became more and more infuriated with the storyline the further it developed and started to find myself hating the characters. Grace’s perfect life is anything but and when I was reading it I often felt like giving her a good shake. She might be married to a bestselling author but she’s successful in her own right too so I couldn’t understand why she continued to be in the relationship.

I usually don’t find that I can’t relate to a character who is older than my own age but I really struggled here to relate to Grace in anyway. Along with her intolerable husband she really infuriated me.

The storyline is slow to develop but it becomes fairly evident where it’s heading and it really started to annoy me - so much so that I couldn’t continue reading this story. I’m disappointed that I couldn’t finish it because it’s really not like me to not to finish a book but at times while I was reading I actually felt sick with annoyance over the characters and storyline.

It won’t put me off reading more from Jane in the future but I definitely found it hard to correlate this to the likes of “The Life Swap” and “Jemima J”.

Monday, 24 November 2014

Review of The Darkest Joy by Marata Eros

The bit on the back…

“I don’t want my broken fixed. . . .”

Six months ago, Brooke Starr was one impeccable piano performance away from Juilliard. Now, she is lonely, devastated, orphaned . . . seeking solace in a place where the sun never sets and trying to make sense of the dark tragedy that clouds her shattered heart.

There are no coincidences. . . .

Deep-sea fisherman Chance Taylor can’t imagine what his life would be if he’d never taken that midnight stroll to the pier. Had never seen the intriguing, raven-haired girl swan dive into the Alaskan sea. Had never plunged into the icy waters to rescue her . . . and finally felt her electric charge.

As their blazing chemistry consumes them, Chance is determined to save Brooke from her demons. But Brooke knows she must find her own footing. She thinks she’s already lost everything—until the terror of her past catches up with her and threatens all that she has left: her life, her love, and the freedom to choose between drowning in grief and finding joy in the darkness.

Firstly thank you to the girls at The Hot Bed (Simon & Schuster) for sending me a copy of this book to review. I’ve had it for quite a while but I’ve finally gotten round to reading it.

The story is all about pianist Brooke and fisherman Chance.

The beginning of the story sets the emotional tone for the book. Brooke has just went through a pretty horrific ordeal surrounding the death of her family and she’s moving to Alaska to have a fresh start but one that still has ties to her family. The emotions are high and you really empathise with Brooke in the beginning of the story. I really like the way that Brooke is determined to move on albeit in Alaska.

Chance is the hero in this romance. From the first moment that Brooke and Chance connect – when they’re still strangers to each other – you know that their relationship is going to be deep and intense. I liked Chance’s character although at times found it quite difficult to find his age realistic. Their relationship is definitely one that draws you in and it is romantic however I felt like I had skipped part of their story and had to go back just to make sure.

There is an element of danger running in the back of the storyline which relates to the death of Brooke’s family and it culminates in Alaska. I found it to be quite rushed and I thought it wasn’t overly realistic to be honest.

The story would have been just as good without the plot as it wasn’t particularly well executed.

Book News - Dirty Secret by Emma Hart

The bit on the back...

Conner Burke never expected Sofie Callahan to come back.

Where she’s been for the last two and half years is a mystery, and so is the reason she left in the first place. Now, though, she’s back in their hometown of Shelton Bay, South Carolina, at the same time Conner’s band Dirty B. is home on a tour break.

Sofie Callahan has spent the months since her father’s death avoiding anything to do with her hometown. But with her brother in Afghanistan, she has no choice but to return and sort out her father’s house, even if it means facing the boy she fell in love with and revealing the reason she left.

Conner has questions, and when his broken heart and her guilty one collide, Sofie has to start answering them. Their present is rocky, their future unknown. Only one thing is certain: Sofie’s daughter will change everything.

Release Date: 1st December 2014

Publisher: Pocket Star

Sunday, 23 November 2014

Book News - You Were Mine by Abbi Glines

The bit on the back...

Love is a journey ~ Rosemary Beach is the destination...

In the eyes of the wealthy playboys who frequent Kerrington Country Club in Rosemary Beach, Tripp Newark is a hero. Under pressure from his parents to become a lawyer and lead a conservative, upper-class life, Tripp disappeared from town five years ago to travel the world, forfeiting the opportunity to inherit millions. Yet few know what he was really running from…

Bethy Lowry's life was unravelling long before her boyfriend drowned in a riptide trying to save her after she'd had one too many drinks - again. A trailer park kid working among the wealthy patrons of Kerrington Country Club, Bethy has always been impressionable. But five years ago, before she earned her reputation as a hard-drinking, easy girl, she had spent a single summer with Tripp Newark that changed her life forever…

Release Date: 2nd December 2014

Publisher: Simon & Schuster

Saturday, 22 November 2014

Book News - I'll Take New York by Miranda Dickson

The bit on the back...

Have you ever given up on love?

When her boyfriend lets her down for the last time, Brooklyn bookshop owner Bea James makes a decision – no more. No more men, no more heartbreak, and no more pain.

Psychiatrist Jake Steinmann is making a new start too, leaving his broken marriage behind in San Francisco. From now on there'll just be one love in his life: New York.

At a party where they seem to be the only two singletons, Bea and Jake meet, and decide there’s just one thing for it. They will make a pact: no more relationships.

But the city has other plans . . .

Release Date: 4th December 2014

Publisher: Avon

Friday, 21 November 2014

!!Blog Tour!! Review of Home For The Holidays by Ellen Faith

The bit on the back…

When Lexi and Ryan make the decision to venture home for the Christmas holidays, neither of them can wait to catch up with their families. What the pair don’t anticipate is the series of life changing events their families have been going through while they’ve been continuing with their American adventure, including a newly nudist father.

As they try to weather the storm, they discover that being back in the UK is creating more questions than answers for them as a couple and their American dream is beginning to fade. Fast.

Firstly a massive thank you to Ellen and Tay over at Chicks That Read for allowing me to be part of the blog tour for this book! This is the sequel to Ellen’s fabulous debut The Story of Us which I had the immense pleasure of reading and touring with earlier this year. You can check out my review of that here.

Although this is the sequel I am reliably informed that it can also be read as a standalone novel HOWEVER why would you deprive yourself of even more gorgeous book boyfriendness in the form of Mr Ryan Furrows? I’ll come back to him.

The story is set mainly in the UK with Ryan and Lexi returning home for the holidays to spend time with friends and meet their respective in-laws (cue nudist father in law). I was so glad to be back with these characters. I fell completely in love with Ellen’s writing in The Story of Us because she is such a fantastic chick-lit writer. If you are a fan of Lindsey Kelk you will most definitely enjoy Ellen’s writing style and flair for laugh out loud moments with your main characters.

Lexi is a fab character to read. She’s such a laugh it’s more like being right beside her while she’s telling you all of this instead of actually reading the book. The emotions are heightened in this novel especially with the families being reunited and an unexpected twist near the end is a real tear jerker! I loved seeing that Ellen can handle the serious side of life as well as writing with such humour in Lexi’s usual escapades!

Now back to the hotness I briefly touched upon before – Ryan! Gah, I fell way in love with this guy in The Story of Us he was so different to both of the men in Lexi’s relationship past that he was like a breath of fresh air in her life. I love a lot about this guy from his gorgeousness and his general “I am a sex machine” vibe, but one thing I love above all of that is how much he loves Lexi. He is literally the most adorable guy out. He is so caring and he extends that attitude to everyone in Lexi’s life. I love him!

This was such a great read with a great storyline and fab characters. It’s a definite page turner and with the story centred around Christmas it’s the perfect read for this time of year!

Make sure you check out the rest of the tour!

Now for some sexy man pics! Here are some of my ideas for Ryan! 

Thursday, 20 November 2014

Release Day! Jenny Lopez Saves Christmas by Lindsey Kelk

Happy Release Day Lindsey!!

The bit on the back...

Jenny Lopez has had a rubbish twelve months. Determined to turn her festive frown upside down, she plots an escape to Vermont, the best Christmas tree the world has ever seen and more bottles of champagne than is legal to transport across state lines. Someone’s got to cheer up her friend Angela’s holiday season.

Nothing goes according to plan,starting with work and ending with her travelling companion. But this is Jenny Lopez. She’s going to have the best Christmas known to man, even if it means dragging a turkey three miles in the snow.

Single-handedly and in an inappropriate outfit Jenny Lopez is determined to save Christmas. Whether it likes it or not.

Release Date: 20th November 2014


Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Book News - The Snow Angel by Lulu Taylor

The bit on the back...

A forbidden passion. A lifetime of consequences.

Cressida Felbridge is living the high life as a debutante in 1960s London society when she is courted by a friend of her brother's and set to marry. Wishing only the best for his daughter, her father decrees that she must have her portrait painted to mark the occasion. But as soon as she meets the painter Ralph Few, Cressie knows her life will never be the same again. Soon, she is deeply in love with Ralph, but there is one problem: Ralph is still married to Catherine. As Cressie is drawn into a strange, triangular relationship, Catherine's behaviour becomes increasingly erratic and Ralph and Cressie escape to Cressie's family home in Cumbria. But Catherine will not give up Ralph that easily...

In the present day, Emily Conway has everything she could wish for: a huge house in West London, two beautiful children and a successful husband, Will. But as Emily and Will drive to a party, Will reveals that he has been betrayed by his business partner. Steering the car off the road at high speed, their perfect life is abruptly ended. When she wakes from her injuries, Emily is told of a mysterious legacy: a house in Cumbria on the edge of an estate, left to her by a woman she has never met. Could this house provide the chance to start anew, or does it hold secrets that she must uncover before it can be at peace?

Release Date: 4th December 2014

Publisher: Pan

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Review of Did Someone Order Room Service? by Charlotte Phillips

The bit on the back…


Has American Tennis Pro Matt Stanton finally found his match in uptight hotel employee Layla Jones? Find out in this deliciously naughty novella - the second book in the Do Not Disturb Series!

I read the first in Charlotte Phillip’s Do Not Disturb series earlier this year and I really enjoyed the short novella so I was looking forward to reading the rest of the series. This is book two.

The story is set in a hotel where Layla works and her hotel is about to put up a high profile celebrity for a week.

This is another short novella and can be enjoyed within an hour. The thing with short stories is in the name – they’re short. They have a lot of story to cram into 100 odd pages and this one does so quite well.

The fact that the story is mainly set within the hotel that Layla works in adds a whole idea of escapism to the plot and allows you to really believe the storyline which is fast paced and develops quickly.

I liked Layla’s character and the similarities she had with Matt even though on the face of it you wouldn’t think they could be so similar. Matt is hot, hot, hot and his scene’s with Layla really sweep you off your feet into a hot mess.

If you like short reads that you can spend an hour with then you will enjoy this series. You can check out my review of “Your Room or Mine?” here.

Monday, 17 November 2014

Book News - A Christmas Feast by Katie Fforde

The bit on the back...

A delicious Christmas feast of short stories from the Sunday Times No. 1 bestselling author of A French Affair and The Perfect Match.

Add some extra sparkle to your Christmas by joining Katie Fforde for a perfect, romantic Christmas feast of short stories. Collected together for the first time and including one brand new story.

Make your Christmas wishes come true...

Release Date: 4th December 2014

Publisher: Cornerstone

Sunday, 16 November 2014

Review of Rowdy (Marked Men #5) - Jay Crownover

The bit on the back…

After his first broken heart, Rowdy St. James decided he was going to do everything in his power to live up to his nickname; life was all about the good times. But when a ghost from the past appears, she makes him question everything he thought he knew about love.

Salem Cruz grew up in a house with too many rules – and no fun allowed. She left it all behind as soon as she could, but she never forgot the sweet, blue-eyed boy next door who’d been in love with her little sister. Now, Salem is determined to show Rowdy he picked the wrong sister all those years ago.

As their relationship heats up, Rowdy starts to let his heart go – until the one person who could drive them apart shows up again.

Rowdy is finally here! I have been waiting for this book for quite a while! We are now on book 5 of Jay Crownover’s Marked Men Series.

If you want to check out my reviews of the other books in the series follow the links below.

This story is all about old school player Rowdy who you will already know as one of the members of the Marked family if you’ve read any of the other books in the series.

When you read about Rowdy through the eyes of the other guys and girls in this series you get them impression that he is a massive player but in the fourth book, Nash, you start to get this feeling that there is more to his character, particularly towards the end when his late manager and mentor Phil gets involved.

Enter Salem. Blast from Rowdy’s Texas past and just another in the line of people who’ve left him. Salem fits into the fold nicely with attributes akin to those of the other girls in the series. I liked the relationship she had with the rest of the gang and I liked that even though she’s just a tiny bit older than the rest of them that her life experience adds to a sense of maturity and wisdom that she has.

Rowdy and Salem’s relationship is tricky and you don’t really get to see the full extent of the situation until partway into the novel. I was a bit disappointed with the relationship that Rowdy had with Poppy, Salem’s sister, as I thought that might have been a cause for some drama and possible a love triangle between the three.

About half way through I felt like Rowdy and Salem’s story had been told and after that it became a lot more about previewing other characters who might make a main character appearance in the story. Asa, who you will also know from earlier in the series is going to be the main character in book six and I felt like part of his story was focused on here even though we already know what his character’s colourful past has been like.

Although I did feel like the story of the main characters had petered out after the halfway point of the story I did enjoy the same style of writing that I’ve come to expect and look forward to from Jay. I will definitely be buying Asa when he’s ready!

Saturday, 15 November 2014

Review of First Position by Melody Grace

The bit on the back…

A man dances the same way he fucks. His stamina, his rhythm, the slow grind of his hips. Some people are born to it, others learn through years of careful study.

And dancers? We do it best of all.

The moment I saw her, I knew. Her innocence is intoxicating. My lust is fierce. Primal. To watch her dance is to know the torment of true temptation.

She will be mine.

Firstly thank you to Mark My Words Book Publicity for approving me for a copy of this to review from NetGalley. I think I was drawn to this by the name and the name of the series that it is the first instalment of – Dirty Dancing. One of my all-time favourite films although I knew to fully expect a much raunchier version thanks to the blurb.

The blurb itself is actually a bit misleading because from a guy’s POV – that guy turns out to be street dancer Raphael – and the majority of this first part is from the “she” in the blurb – Annalise.

Annalise is a ballet dancer in the corps de ballet with her company and she’s desperate to land a main part and live up to her mother’s expectation. The weight of the expectation is almost tangible and I really felt quite sorry for her from the beginning of the story. From films about dancing (Centre Stage and the like) you know that the ballet world is pretty fierce so it felt realistic to have this heavy burden placed upon our main character.

In Italy the members of the company get to relax a little and enjoy some of the local culture including the busking dancers, in particular sexy Italian lothario Raphael. The two have an instant chemistry and that is undeniably linked to their passion for dancing. Annalise’s character is very drawn to Raphael but the description of the effect he has on her actually felt a little unrealistic in comparison to her admittedly limited experience.

I like the whole secretive element to the story with the characters meeting up after curfew to dance and felt like there was definitely strong connection between the two characters. I enjoyed reading about their chemistry blossoming but as I said I found it slightly unrealistic when it was more than their bodies doing the dancing.

As it’s a serial this was short and fast-paced. The writing was fluid although at times a little immature. However I will be looking out for the next in the series.

Friday, 14 November 2014

Review of The Affair Week 5 by Beth Kery

The bit on the back…

Emma's increasingly intense affair with Montand is illuminated when she discovers some revealing and unsettling secrets about his past - about his hell-bent youth, about the tragic fate of his first wife, and about how cursed his seemingly blessed life really is. It leads Emma to wonder ...what kind of man is she falling so dangerously in love with? He's dominating her world with luxuries she's never dreamed of and introducing her to decadent sensual pleasures, but he'll soon walk away. When does it go beyond an exquisite sexual control of her body, into a manipulation of her fragile emotions?

Emma is an addiction Montand can't resist, and he's learning there's no rest for his dark soul when they're apart. At all costs, he must convince her to join him for wicked weeks of jeus sauvages on the French Riviera. She's promised him that she's his, after all, and Montand expects nothing short of total possession of her for their rapidly fading time together.

This is the 5th instalment in Beth Kery’s The Affair series. Thank you to Headline for approving me for a copy of this title via NetGalley.

I am seriously in love with Vanni Montand! He’s sexy and treats Emma wonderfully and hey his past might be ridden with secrets that Emma was still to discover until this part of the story but I totally still love him. I love his teasing nature and that Emma brings this out in him and I really like how much he likes Emma. I like their chemistry and that although Emma submits to him she isn’t afraid to have a little bit of fun with him.

Vanni’s really very wealthy and the extent of it begins to show as he lavishes gifts and clothes on Emma so she can join him in in Monaco. I’m really looking forward to seeing how the characters handle being in a foreign country together and I’m looking forward to reading about Monaco through Beth’s eyes as it’s a place I’ve been lucky enough to visit. Roll on week 6. 

Thursday, 13 November 2014

Review of The Affair Week 4 by Beth Kery

The bit on the back…

Five weeks total. That was the limit Emma placed on the affair. No more, no less. And right now it was opening her up to decadent pleasures she never imagined possible. The effect on Montand was equally liberating. Emma was bringing him back into the world of the living, and her buoyant spirit, freshness and lust for life made him ravenously hungry for more. His darkness was being drawn to her light, and for both of them, the experience was electrifying. But for Emma it was something even more.

Lost in the world of Montand's exquisitely sensual challenges Emma's beginning to feel something dangerously close to love. And now she fears that five weeks with Montand could leave her deliriously vulnerable, and in far too deep to ever survive.

This is the 4th instalment in Beth Kery’s The Affair series. If you’ve been checking out the blog the last couple of days you’ll have seen the reviews of the other weeks in this series but just incase you haven’t I’ll leave a link at the end of the post. Thank you to Headline for approving me for a copy of this title via NetGalley.

I just want to start off by saying I really love the covers of the episodes in this series! I love the tie in with the novel which you only fully realise after reading!

So Emma and Vanni are in full affair mode. Vanni has treated her to a taste of what she can expect from his sexual preferences and it made for some pretty intense and hot reading. I’m starting to really enjoy Vanni’s character especially the affect that Emma has on him, making him more playful and younger seeming. I felt almost a Grey/Steele vibe going on, partly down to the relationship I guess but Emma is a much more developed character in comparison even in the little we have seen so far.

I’m really enjoying this series so far.

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Review of The Affair Week 3 by Beth Kery

The bit on the back…

What was it about a man as damaged as Montand that made Emma say yes when she should have fled and never looked back? His intense sexual preferences intrigued her more than she'd been willing to admit. But now that she's been privy to his secrets - including a long-ago family tragedy, and the true identity of a woman who lurks in the shadows of his mansion - Emma fears she'll be just one more submissive conquest in Montand's troubled life. And then abandoned like so many who came before.

She needs to be strong and protect her heart, but her desires won't let her resist. So, if their affair is to continue it'll be on her conditions: it will not continue indefinitely, only she can end it, and when it's over, they'll part and never speak again of the things they dared to do behind the locked doors of the Breakers.

Firstly thank you to Headline for approving me for a copy of this title via NetGalley. This is the third instalment in Beth Kery’s The Affair series and you can find my reviews of part 1 and part 2 by clicking the link.

Emma, and readers, were blindsided a bit by the revelation that Michael and Vanni are the same person. It’s was a shock at the end of the 2nd part I think partly because you were always waiting to find out but also because Michael had started to show this gentle side of himself that is at complete odds with what Emma knows of Vanni. This 3rd instalment continues in the same vein unveiling some more of Vanni’s secrets both family and personal.

Vanni and his proposition are irresistible and I really love how much Emma is attracted to him. You’re given a taste in this instalment of how their affair with its imposed time limit of 8 weeks, is already boiling over with attraction and intense feeling and I also started to feel like it was about to get way more complicated than either of them think. Can’t wait to read the next week.

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Review of The Affair Week 2 by Beth Kery

The bit on the back…

Emma is unlike anyone he's ever known, fresh and surprising, sweet yet intensely sensual. He knew he shouldn't touch Emma but he's a Montand, after all. Strong sexual appetites and selfishness run in his blood- no matter how much he'd wish otherwise...for Emma's sake.

Emma can't help but feel somewhat compromised by the impulsive sexual tryst she shared with her billionaire employer but Emma has to admit...she wanted it. Besides, working in Montand's sprawling mansion as a hospice nurse to Montand's stepmother, Emma anticipated a few surprises. 
Still, she never expected what came next: an exquisite gift, an apology and a proposition - a sexual affair that promises to fulfill every fantasy Emma ever had. And a few she never dared imagine.
But a deathbed revelation from Montand's stepmother is about to shatter every illusion Emma had about her position at the Breakers, her future with Montand, and her own innocence.

This is the second instalment in Beth Kery’s The Affair series. To find my review of the first part click here.

The affair started at the very last gasp of part one and the kiss between Emma and her boss Michael Montland is only the prelude to a very intense and passionate night time beach sexcapade. Emma still isn’t sure if it was her boss that she accidentally played voyeur to when she hid in the first episode and there’s a bit of suspense throughout while you wonder if Michael is Vanni or not.

Emma’s client takes a turn for the worse and the emotions are heightened in this episode. I really like the writing throughout from this author and I am enjoying the undeniable passion between Emma and Michael. I was already looking forward to part 3 after reading this.

Monday, 10 November 2014

Book News - Mr Miracle by Debbie Macomber

The bit on the back...

Harry Mills is a guardian angel on a mission: help Addie Folsom to get her life back on track - and help her find love.

Creating a happy ending for Addie and her neighbour Erich doesn’t seem like much of a challenge. But soon after arriving in the town of Tacoma, Harry realises he might need some guidance. Addie and Erich can't stand each other; growing up he was popular and outgoing, while she was rebellious and headstrong. Addie would now rather avoid Erich entirely, especially at Christmas.

Harry is going to need all the help he can get, and a bit of divine inspiration, to help Addie and Erich find their Christmas miracle.

Release Date: 20th November 2014

Publisher: Cornerstone

Sunday, 9 November 2014

The Review of Sugar on the Edge by Sawyer Bennett

The bit on the back…

He’s utterly alone…

Tortured and existing in a dark spiral of despair, bestselling British author, Gavin Cooke, has come to the Outer Banks of North Carolina to escape the seedy lifestyle he had been living in London and in a desperate attempt to regain his writing focus. He’s twisted, bitter and angry at the world. He’s a loner… needing not a single thing other than his Scotch and a laptop upon which he can bang out his next erotic, dark thriller.

She’s running in place and getting nowhere…

Savannah Shepherd’s life is falling apart. Her dream of being a wildlife photographer seems a distant memory and she’s barely able to make ends meet. Driving herself forward with no clear goals apparent, she’s about ready to pack up her bags and head home with her tail between her legs.
Two unlikely lovers…

He’s raw, forceful and a dirty talker. She’s a flowers and romance type of girl. Yet within each other, they find a mutual craving that can only be satisfied by giving in to their desires for one another.
Lust turns into something more… something they were not looking for but tentatively accept. Will it be enough to push them past the obstacles of Gavin’s bitter past?

Firstly thank you to Big Dog Books for approving me for a copy of this title on NetGalley. This is the first time I’ve read anything by Sawyer Bennett and although Sugar on Tthe Edge is part of a series (The Last Call) it can be read as a standalone.

The story starts with a glimpse into one of our main characters, Gavin Cooke’s tortured, angry, grumpy, gorgeous personality and we find out how he comes to meet our other main character Savannah.

The story is told from both character’s points of view which I really like in a story so that was a massive plus for me having the story start out this way. I liked the relationship set up that Savannah and Gavin had and how at odds their characters were to one another to begin with.

The chemistry between the characters is pretty palpable right from the start and I think it starts off more of an angry tension turning into a lust fuelled intensity between the two of them. Savannah lets herself go around Gavin and gives herself over to him even though she’s not sure of him. I liked the development of her character and how she dealt with what had happened in her past.

Gavin’s own past is pretty tragic and heart-breaking. When his secret past does come to light I felt the emotion but I also felt a little like the point was laboured. I feel like the story was a bit over worked in terms of the scale of the tragedy in his past and that it could have still had the same emotional impact if it had been simplified a bit.

Gavin is pretty highly stereotyped and I really hated that he called Savannah “love”! I often find it irritating when I see this in stories set in America with an English main character. It particularly irked me when he called her that while they were in the throes and I just felt like screaming at him. It felt completely at odds with his dominance in bed and I didn’t like it at all.

The relationship between the characters escalated really quickly over two weeks and takes up almost all of the story, the latter part of their relationship which takes part over a longer space of time is dedicated less page time and seemed a bit like the exciting part of the story was passed so let’s just rush through the rest.

Based on this I probably would read the rest of the series and I have downloaded another of Sawyer’s books to read.

Saturday, 8 November 2014

!Beauty Kitchen Christmas Treats!

My lovely blogger friend Kirsten is currently working at Beauty Kitchen in our fair Glasgow and they have five great Christmas goodies on sale in Holland & Barrett. Find out more here!

"At Beauty Kitchen we always make 100% effective, natural and affordable products. Our recipes only contain 100% pure essential oils plus naturally derived ingredients and will never cost the earth."

Chill Me 'Create Your Own' Bath Bombs RRP £20.00

Contents: 2x bath bomb moulds, citric acid, sodium bicarb, chill me essential oil, cranberry seeds & wild flower seeds.

Everyone loves bath bombs and making them is just as much fun as watching them fizz! This kit provides everything you need to make 300g of bath bombs with 100% natural ingredients. Perfect gift for any age or simply something fun to do.

'Create Your Own' Lip Balms RRP £15.00

Contents: Beeswax, Cocoa Butter, Wooden stirrer, 4 lip balm pots, 3 biodegradable gift bags, ribbon and 4 stickers.

Now you can make your very own lip balms and help yourself to kissably soft lips. With beeswax & cocoa butter.

100% Natural Soap & Bath Bomb Cracker RRP £8.00

Contents: Love Me Bath Shimmer Bomb and Love Me Patchouli, Honey & Oatmeal Natural Soap

Fizz away your evening with this uplifting blend of cinnamon leaf, orange sweet and frankincense. Packed full of anti-ageing ingredients that will help tone the skin. The natural soap contains skin rejuvenating patchouli and intense moisturising honey and oatmeal.

You can check out the Beauty Kitchen website here. Look out for their products in your local Holland and Barrett!

Friday, 7 November 2014

Book News - Jenny Lopez Saves Christmas by Lindsey Kelk

One of our best loved book best friends is back this Christmas in a new short story!

The bit on the back...

Jenny Lopez has had a rubbish twelve months. Determined to turn her festive frown upside down, she plots an escape to Vermont, the best Christmas tree the world has ever seen and more bottles of champagne than is legal to transport across state lines. Someone’s got to cheer up her friend Angela’s holiday season.

Nothing goes according to plan,starting with work and ending with her travelling companion. But this is Jenny Lopez. She’s going to have the best Christmas known to man, even if it means dragging a turkey three miles in the snow.

Single-handedly and in an inappropriate outfit Jenny Lopez is determined to save Christmas. Whether it likes it or not.

Release Date: 20th November 2014


Thursday, 6 November 2014

Release Day - It's Not Me It's You by Mhairi MacFarlane

Happy release day to bestselling author Mhairi MacFarlane!

The bit on the back...

Delia Moss isn’t quite sure where she went wrong.

When she proposed and discovered her boyfriend was sleeping with someone else – she thought it was her fault.

When she realised life would never be the same again – she thought it was her fault.

And when he wanted her back like nothing had changed – Delia started to wonder if perhaps she was not to blame…

From Newcastle to London and back again, with dodgy jobs, eccentric bosses and annoyingly handsome journalists thrown in, Delia must find out where her old self went – and if she can ever get her back.

Release Date: TODAY!

Publisher: Harper