Friday, 30 January 2015

Blog Tour Review and Giveaway of Love Bites by Rachel Burke

The bit on the back…

What do you do when you fall in love with your best friend’s boyfriend?

That is the question that twenty-six year-old Justine Sterling has been asking herself ever since the day she met David Whitman, her best friend Renee’s boyfriend. Justine is determined to ignore her growing feelings for the irresistibly charming David, until one night, when she finds herself in the bed of the one person she should stay away from.

When Justine and David’s affair ends in heartbreak, Justine is forced to repair the damaged friendship with her best friend. In doing so, she learns that right and wrong decisions aren’t always black and white, and sometimes you have to follow your heart to see where it leads.

Firstly thank you to Harper Impulse for approving me for a copy of this title via NetGalley, and thank you to Rachel for asking me to join the blog tour and for the giveaway prize!

This is the sequel to Rachel’s 2014 title Sound Bites and is all about a secondary character from that novel – Justine. Justine is Sound Bites main character Renee’s best friend.

At first I wasn’t sure I was going to like this book. The reason for that was the main character, Justine herself. In Sound Bites a large factor in the story is that Renee’s boyfriend cheats on her with her best friend Justine. That immediately puts me on Renee’s side especially as it completely destroyed her life as she knew it.

When I was reading Sound Bites thought, I was hooked and read through it really quickly. That’s down to Rachel’s talent as a writer and what felt like characters that have a lot of thought and effort put into the writing of them.

Even though I was unsure of Justine, I found her character to be likeable. She has a humble nature and you can feel that she is still trying to make up for where she went wrong with Renee’s ex. Unfortunately for Justine, Renee’s ex is now her ex and throughout the story there are flashback scenes which allow you to appreciate that everything that happened wasn’t all down to Justine.
The story is set between Justine’s home town and LA and I loved the contrast between the two. Her indecision about how to take her life forward becomes the main theme of the story and the reader goes on that journey with her. Her age makes her character quite easy to empathise with because a lot of life decisions tend to be made around that time - settling down; finding a house; choosing a career.

If you’ve read Sound Bites I would definitely recommend this.

Make sure you enter the giveaway to win an ecopy of this book!

Thursday, 29 January 2015

A Note From The Author - Catharina Ingelman-Sundberg

The Little Old Lady is back on the blog again, this time with a note from the Author and a giveaway!

The bit on the back...

You're never too old to have some fun . . .

The little old lady is back! This time, Martha Andersson and her friends - the League of Pensioners - have left behind their dreary care home in Stockholm and are enjoying the bright lights of Las Vegas.
This is their opportunity for a new lease of life and they plan to make the most of it. But before long, they are up to their old tricks and with ingenious tactics, a pair of false teeth and a wheelchair each, they plot to outwit the security system at one of the casinos.

As their antics become more and more daring, Martha and her friends head back to Sweden full of ideas for more money making schemes. However, they aren't the only ones planning on stealing bucket loads of cash and soon find themselves pitted against a gang of dangerous criminals.

Can the group of elderly friends work together to outsmart the younger robbers and get away with their biggest heist yet? Or will this job be a step too far for The League of Pensioners?

A Note From The Author...

How do you react when you realise that your first book published in England  has become number one in the Heatseekers chart for books published in 2014? You scream with joy of course! Really!

The amazing thing is that The Little Old Lady Who Broke All The Rules has it´s own life now. It has been on the bestseller lists across the world since September 2012.  And it feels like it lives it´s own lives in different languages. It is out of my control and I look at it and I am amazed! So far, The Little Old Lady Who Broke All the Rules has sold to 25 countries and despite dreaming of writing a bestseller at lease once in my lifetime, this has gone far beyond my expectations.

Now I hope you will like my new book The Little Old Lady Who Struck Lucky Again! as well. In this book, tries to steal money in Las Vegas, meets a gang of bikers and attempts a bankrobbery. She does everything in order to get money to give to the poor. I am blessed because I am able to laugh out loud at my own writing, and now I hope you do the same.

I am now in the middle of my third book about the League of Pensioners. They are such a nice company. I love it when these five elderly people plot together for the good of others. Afterall, one cannot always follow the rules . . . and Martha would not be Martha if she did . . .

Catharina Ingelman-Sundberg

Review of Nix and Scotlyn: The Wedding by Tess Oliver

The bit on the back…

The Custom Culture guys, Nix, Clutch, Dray and Rett, are back for one final novel, and you're invited!

Nix Pierce has been in love with Scotlyn James since long before he met her, and now he wants to spend the rest of his life with her. But is Scotlyn ready?

This is the 5th and final novel in Tess Oliver’s Custom Culture series. You can check out my reviews of the first four in the series by clicking on the links below.

The title of this book really gives you an idea of exactly what to expect! You should definitely read the first four in the series, in order, as all of the characters stories are told before The Wedding takes place!

I remember reading Freefall and it being the first novel I’d read that I’d truly noticed the impact of a male POV. I fell in love with Nix completely after reading Freefall and have enjoyed his cameo roles in the other books as they continue to show what a great guy he is.

The same is true in this novel. Nix and Scotlyn are in for a tough time dealing with the loss of loved ones and they are both in for an emotional rollercoaster throughout the story. This will definitely keep you hooked right through but beware, you will need tissues!

There is an easy, sweet flow and romantic style to Tess’s writing that I really enjoy and although the characters share some steamy scenes throughout the book, they are written in keeping with the series overall.

Seeing the characters all have their happy endings is a satisfying end to a series I’ve really enjoyed, especially as I’ve read each book and know all of the characters. I really do recommend this series and if you have enjoyed it so far you should also check out Jay Crownover’s Marked Men series.

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Review of Maybe Not by Colleen Hoover

The bit on the back…

Colleen Hoover, the New York Times bestselling author of Maybe Someday, brilliantly brings to life the story of the wonderfully hilarious and charismatic Warren in a new novella, Maybe Not.

When Warren has the opportunity to live with a female roommate, he instantly agrees. It could be an exciting change.

Or maybe not.

Especially when that roommate is the cold and seemingly calculating Bridgette. Tensions run high and tempers flare as the two can hardly stand to be in the same room together. But Warren has a theory about Bridgette: anyone who can hate with that much passion should also have the capability to love with that much passion. And he wants to be the one to test this theory.

Will Bridgette find it in herself to warm her heart to Warren and finally learn to love?


Maybe not.

I bought this just a few days before reading it as I really couldn’t wait to start it.

This short novella is like a prequel to Colleen’s full length novel Maybe Someday. It takes place mostly before Sydney moves into Ridge’s apartment and is all about the two cameo characters Warren and Bridgette.

It took me a few minutes to get my bearings again when I was reading this. That’s partly because when I was reading Maybe Someday I was so wrapped up in Sydney and Ridge’s story I barely noticed Warren and also due to my still on-going Miles Archer fascination.

What I could remember of Warren, was that he was a bit cheeky and outgoing but also a really great friend for Ridge. This novella is all from his POV and you can see those personality traits really coming through. I remembered Bridgette as explosive and angry but experiencing her through Warren’s eyes means you also get a glimpse of the hurt she’s suffered, her insecurity and the reasons behind her anger.

Although the story is only short it takes place over a number of weeks allowing the story between the characters to develop in a natural way.

I loved when Bridgette and Warren’s story started to align itself with Sydney and Ridge’s and seeing it from a different perspective. I definitely recommend this if you’ve read Maybe Someday.

Monday, 26 January 2015

Review of Maggie Does Meribel by Nicola Doherty

The bit on the back…

Maggie can't wait for her first ever skiing holiday. New Year's Eve in the French Alps with her boyfriend Leo and two other couples: what could be more romantic? She's picturing hot chocolate, romantic snowball fights and evenings snuggled together in front of the log fire. What she didn't picture is near-death experiences on the mountains, falling out with Leo and sharing a chalet with the unbearable Jenny. When she meets Sylvain, a gorgeous ski instructor, the line between harmless flirting and full-on misbehaviour becomes ... well, blurry. Will Maggie stay on the nursery slopes, or go seriously off-piste?

Firstly thank you to Headline for approving me for a copy of this via NetGalley.

This is the third novella in Nicola Doherty’s Girls On Tour series following on from Poppy Does Paris and Lily Does LA. I love that the titles of each novella all have the similarity linking them out with their own stories.

The story is all about Maggie who is flying out to France for a skiing holiday over the New Year with her boyfriend, Leo, and their friends.

What should be a romantic break turns dramatically into something more unfortunate for Maggie, especially with the return of Jenny, a character who we’ve previously met in Nicola’s novel “If I Could Turn Back Time”. I usually love catching up with previous characters but this was one catch up I wasn’t sure of. I felt really protective of Maggie throughout but loved that companionship she formed with Rachel.

I could almost feel the coldness of the slopes and the rush of heat from entering the ski cafes as I read the story. Nicola has this innate ability of being able to transport you to the setting of the story through her description.

This series is perfect for fans of Lindsey Kelk’s I heart series with its location hopping nature and for fans of Paige Toon with its interlinked characters (one thing I really loved about it was the character map at the end!)

Friday, 23 January 2015

Review of Courting Trouble by Kimberly Dean

The bit on the back…

When times get tough, how bad does a good girl have to get?

Sienna Blakely is bright, articulate, under employed and forced to rely on the one asset she vowed never to use – her looks.

With bills piling up, Sienna signs a contract with Luxxor Escort Services. A contract that strictly forbids any sexual contact with clients… And then she’s assigned to companion Jason Sloan. Just meeting the man causes a full-body jolt. Arrogant, powerful, and sexy, he’s trouble. And he can see through the facade she’s erected, right down to the intelligent and sensual woman underneath. He challenges her wits, and he challenges the rules.

Firstly thanks to Avon for approving me for a review copy of this title via NetGalley.

The story is about main character Sienna as she struggles to pay her bills while looking to start her career.

Sienna has grown up learning independence from her mother and is determined that she will provide for herself. I liked this strength of character and I think it served her well in her initial interactions with Jason and her boss. Although in the face of not being able to pay her bills she opts to use her looks to get by in a slightly taboo but traditional way, I loved how her relationship with Jason never felt false or forced. The pair had an obvious physical attraction to each other but Sienna was clever and was able to hold her own with Jason.

Jason Sloan has this raw magnetism about him which can only be described as slaying to the female species. He seems to draw you to him even with the arrogance and power that he exudes. He also has a much softer side and that really comes out when Sienna’s friend is in need. I loved that playful side to him and seeing his love of his spot coming through making him appear younger and less troubled.

The story is told by both main characters in this story – Sienna and Jason – although the prologue comes from the perspective of a mutual acquaintance of both characters and allows you a first-hand outsider’s view of the attraction between the two characters. I thought this was a really clever move from Kimberly Dean as it sets the story off in a really different way.

The dual narrative allows you to learn the story from the perspective of both Sienna and Jason and serves to heighten the intensity of the interaction between the two characters because the feelings they have for each other are so strong.

I enjoyed this well written and fast paced story, reading it in one sitting. Although there is a taboo element to the story concerning the escort business there is definitely plenty of heat and drama throughout the story and I can definitely recommend the novel.

I downloaded Courting Jealousy after reading this which is a fun, very quick read following on from Courting Trouble.

Thursday, 22 January 2015

Review of Before We Fall by Courtney Cole

The bit on the back…

Sometimes before we fall . . . we fly.

One dark moment was all it took to turn twenty-four-year-old Dominic Kinkaide's world black. On the night of his high school graduation, a single incident changed him forever, and he became a hardened man - famous in the eyes of the world, but tortured inside. Now all he cares about is losing himself in the roles that he plays. At twenty-three years old, Jacey Vincent doesn't realise how much her father's indifference has affected her. She tries to find acceptance in the arms of men to fill the void - a plan that has worked just fine for her, until she meets Dominic.

When jaded Dominic and strong-willed Jacey are thrown together, the combination of his secrets and her issues turns their attraction into the perfect storm. It could change their lives for good - if it doesn't tear them both apart . . .

Firstly thank you to Veronique at Hodder for sending me a copy of this via Bookbridgr. I’ve read the first two novels in the series and I can highly recommend both! You can check out the links to my reviews of If You Stay and If You Leave on the 2014 Reviews page!

This is Jacey’s story. It can be read as a standalone as Jacey is a character in her own right however books 1 & 2 tell you more about her past and the other characters who feature in her story. You could also check out the novella that is the prequel to Before We Fall which is called Until We Burn – this introduces us to Dominic!

I knew I would definitely want to read this after really enjoying the first two in the series however after I’d read the novella I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect!

The story is dual narrative between Jacey and Dominic and tells the story of their chance meeting and their rocky relationship following that.  I love a dual POV because it always feels like you’re getting a sneak peek into the guy’s mind and I love how Courtney writes her male MC’s. From the other two novels one thing I wasn’t too keen on about the male POV was that the guys thought they were being weak and womanly feeling and expressing emotions but Dom is completely different to that.

The chemistry between the two characters is undeniable even though they definitely got off on the wrong foot and there was a lot of ill feeling in the beginning. When the characters do get together it is hot! Hot and intense and teasing and I loved seeing an almost light hearted playful side to Dominic which was completely at odds with the darker aspects of his personality.

There is one hell of a plot twist in this already enticing story which left me in a state of utter shock. The story is a real page turner with a gripping storyline and well developed characters. I think, even after not knowing what to expect, this might be my favourite.

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Review of Deeper by Robin York

The bit on the back…

When Caroline Piasecki's ex-boyfriend posts their sex pictures on the Internet, it destroys her reputation as a nice college girl. Suddenly her once-promising future doesn't look so bright. Caroline tries to make the pictures disappear; hoping time will bury her shame. Then a guy she barely knows rises to her defence and punches her ex to the ground.

West Leavitt is the last person Caroline needs in her life. Everyone knows he's shady. Still, Caroline is drawn to his confidence and swagger - even after promising her dad she'll keep her distance. On late, sleepless nights, Caroline starts wandering into the bakery where West works.

They hang out, they talk, they listen. Though Caroline and West tell each other they're 'just friends,' their feelings intensify until it becomes impossible to pretend. The more complicated her relationship with West gets, the harder Caroline has to struggle to discover what she wants for herself - and the easier it becomes to find the courage she needs to fight back against the people who would judge her.
When all seems lost, sometimes the only place to go is deeper.

I came across this book on another blogger’s Instagram feed. In the past I have enjoyed the same books as Victoria so I took this recommendation to be worthwhile even with the £3.99 price tag.

This is the story of Caroline and West. The pair have known each other since they started college together. Their friendship starts to become something more after West gets caught up in a tangle with Caroline’s ex whilst defending her honour.

One thing I loved about this book was the fact that it was dual POV. I LOVE, seriously love, that in a book especially in the New Adult genre. I think it really works with the genre as there is usually a lot of angst going on and I love getting a glimpse of that from both sides.

Caroline and West have each got their fair share of trouble and whilst West keeps his issues close to his heart Caroline’s are unfortunately displayed for all to see. Robin has created a character who is the victim of “Revenge Porn” which is a very real issue, more so in recent times with camera phones and social media. I felt that the subject was handled in a way which showed true research and understanding of the topic and although the narrative could be dark at times it felt like Caroline’s story was very realistic.

West is such a great character to get to know. He’s quite secretive with Caroline and everyone really in general so getting to know his history and about his family life first hand was great. His story is not that of a typical college guy and it amplifies everything that is good in his character.

I loved this right from the very beginning. There is something in the writing that just draws you in and holds you there until you put the book down. It’s a real page turner right from the beginning.

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Review of A Place for Us Part 3 by Harriet Evans

The bit on the back…

The day Martha Winter decided to tear apart her family began like any other day.

The house has soft, purple wisteria twining around the door. You step inside.

The hall is cool after the hot summer's day. The welcome is kind, and always warm.

Yet something makes you suspect life here can't be as perfect as it seems.

After all, the brightest smile can hide the darkest secret.

But wouldn't you pay any price to have a glorious place like this?

Welcome to Winterfold.

Martha Winter's family is finally coming home.

Firstly thanks to Headline for approving me for a copy of this to review via NetGalley. This is part three of Harriet Evans’ four part series called A Place For Us. The full novel is due to be released on the 15th of January 2015.

The story of the Winter family continues!

Part two, just like part one, was left on a cliffhanger so I was eagerly anticipating part 3. The family have got together and secrets that Martha has been keeping to herself are out in the open – well some of them – causing quite a lot of shock for her other family members.

The story continues to unfold while Martha’s life seemingly stands still. I enjoyed the contrast between Martha and the other characters in this part of the series and as we get to hear the story from all of the characters we are getting to know them better bit by bit. The storyline goes back into David’s past in this story too and gives us an insight into his character and yet more secrets!

I’m definitely looking forward to the conclusion of this story now and I would definitely recommend reading all parts in the full novel out next year.

Monday, 19 January 2015

Review of The Affair Week 8 by Beth Kery

The bit on the back…

Upon her return to the Breakers, Emma makes a bracing decision - her affair with Montand will end, but only to make way for a deeper relationship with the man she loves. But Montand's aunt Vera has plans, too. Vindictive, obsessive, and unsettlingly territorial, Vera insists that Emma leave the Breakers and never look back. And she has the weapon to make it happen: a final secret about Montand that even he doesn't know, one with such devastating implications that it would surely destroy him and ruin any chance of happiness he might have hoped for with Emma.

Loathe to plunge Montand into despair, Emma decides to heed Vera's warning. But as Emma first learned when she arrived at the Breakers eight weeks ago, Montand's family promised many surprises. And there is one more to come that could change everything.

Once again thank you to Headline Eternal for approving me for a copy of this via NetGalley.

Ah! The final instalment in this whirlwind romance! I have really enjoyed this little series and I really hope it all gets put together into one novel because I think it’s definitely one that I will be re-reading!

The holiday is over and the return home hits both characters with a bit of a bump. Being back in Chicago is like the equivalent of the bubble bursting and reality starts to set back in – along with a meddling housekeeper!

I was not anticipating week 8 taking the turn that it did and it really threw me for a loop! One thing that is completely evident though is how deeply both characters feel for one another and I love a happy ending so I was really rooting for them to come to their senses by the end of their affair!

This series has had me hooked but I also have found a new author whose writing style I love! I will definitely be looking out for more from Beth from now on!

Sunday, 18 January 2015

Last Week I

This week as felt looooooooooong, but now we are back to Sunday night and I'm wishing it was Friday again! This week has been exciting and nerve wracking but I can't talk about what's been going on just yet, so I'll tell you about everything else I've been doing!

(From left to right)

One of my most anticipated books of this year is Hero by Samantha Young. Sam is one of my favourite authors and I LOVE her On Dublin Street series which is set in Edinburgh, not too far from me. Sam is releasing her next novel, a standalone called Hero, in February. When Sam asked me this week if I would like a signed copy I may have gotten a teeensy bit excited and jumped at the chance. Thankfully the postman delivered ( ;) see what I did there?!) and I was able to dive right into the story on Friday night. I've just finished it this afternoon and my review will be live on release day! So a massive thank you to Samantha for sending me a copy!

I am not usually a fan of Big Brother or Celebrity Big Brother however, I am watching this series and boy am I glad! Eye candy model Calum Best has now become every book boyfriend I've ever been in love with (don't worry it'll pass I'll be back to you Ian Somerhalder in a few weeks)! Perez is really doing my head in and I'm actually quite surprised by Katie Hopkins, although she doesn't know what's going on on the outside so she doesn't have and disgusting opinions to voice! 

If you caught my post last week you'll know that one of my goals this year is to get my NetGalley ratio up however I majorly failed this week and requested a bunch of books. I was also invited to view Playing With Fire which is Kat Black's new novel out on the 26th of Feb. I am particularly looking forward to this one because I loved the first book Melting Ms. Frost.

Last year, in September, I had the opportunity to tour with K.A. Tucker's latest novel Burying Water. I jumped at the chance and loved her writing. I've been waiting to read Ten Tiny Breaths for ages and finally started it this week, followed in quick succession by One Tiny Lie and I'm now on Four a Seconds To Lose! Safe to say I am a fan!

Today I got to spend time with my gorgeous nephew Logan. He was out in the snow (I hate snow) and then back inside to make a racket with his daddy's drumsticks!

I signed up to Birchbox at the end of December and I unboxed both the December and January boxes this week. I can't wait to start trying out some of the products. One of my favourites already is this Models Own nail varnish...

Here's to a new week with hopefully some more exciting things going on for me! 

If you have a recap post/feature please share the links in the comments so I can have a nosey at what you've been up to and check out Kirsty's "Last Week I" over at

Have a great week! Erin xxx

Friday, 16 January 2015

Beauty Review: Maybelline Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser

I bought this product after seeing a friend trying it out on Facebook. I am usually a stickler for staying with the same primer (a Supderdrug own brand one) but decided to branch out and try this.

This is part of the Maybelline Baby Skin range which is available from Boots for £7.99. There are two other primers in this range.

Things I like about this product...
  • It does what it say on the tin, your skin really does fell like a baby's.
  • This primer gives a long lasting effect to my foundation
  • A little goes a long way
  • It's compact size means it will fit in your most fit-to-bursting make up bag

Things I'm not keen on...
  • My skin is never sure from one day to the next which version of itself it wants to be - oily, normal, dry. When I'm having a dry skin day I definitely cannot use this and revert back to my high street brand because this makes the most dry areas of my skin more pronounced and flaky looking.

Thursday, 15 January 2015

!!Release Day!! The Curvy Girls Club by Michele Gorman

It's Release Day!! Happy publication day to Michele Gorman. The Curvy Girls Club is published today!

The bit on the back...

Can the curvy girls have their cake and eat it?

Meet best friends Pixie, Ellie, Katie and Jane. Fed up with always struggling to lose weight, they start a social club where size doesn’t matter. Soon it’s the most popular place to be – having fun instead of counting carbs. And the girls suddenly find their lives changing in ways they never imagined.

But outside the club, things aren’t as rosy, as they struggle with the ups and downs of everyday life.

In this funny, heart-warming read about normal women learning to love themselves, the curvy girls soon realise that no matter what life throws at them, together, anything is possible . . .


Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Review of When I Met You by Jemma Forte

The bit on the back…

Marianne Baker is happy. Sort of.

She’s worked at the same job for years (nearly 15, but who’s counting), she lives at home with her mum (who is driving her crazy) and sleeps in a single bed (yep, her love life is stalled). Playing the violin is her only real passion – but nobody like her does that for a living.

Then one night everything changes.

The father who abandoned Marianne over twenty years ago turns up on her doorstep, with a dark secret that changes her life forever.

Suddenly Marianne’s safe, comfortable world is shattered. If her father isn’t the man she thought he was, then who is he? And, more to the point, who is she?

It’s time to find out who the real Marianne Baker is.

Firstly thank you to Cara at Harelquin for sending me a copy of this title for review. I’ve been a fan of Jemma’s since I read Me and Miss M. When Cara asked if I’d be interested in a review copy of her new novel I knew I would jump at the chance. Find it on Amazon here.

When I Met You is all about main character Marianne Baker. Marianne feels like her life is in a bit of a rut but that’s all shaken up with the reappearance of her father who has been absent for more than 20 years.

 The prologue really jumps on in there with the return of Ray, Marianne’s dad, injecting excitement and mystery from the outset. The narrative then flicks back a few hours and carries on from there. By going back in time for a few hours we get to know Marianne on her own, get to understand her character a little bit and get inside her head before her life basically implodes all around her.

I found Marianne easy to empathise with from the beginning of the story. Her dry sarcasm and quick witted reactions are funny and have you laughing and smiling from that very first page. At first I wasn’t sure what was going to happen. I was concerned for Marianne as I had quickly got on her side and didn’t want her to be hurt.

The story is gripping as Marianne and her dad get to know each other. It’s poignant and emotional and reminds you that life is too short. The story deals with loss but Jemma has tackled the issues in such a way that you feel emotionally invested in what felt like a very realistic story.

Have your tissues at the ready as Jemma takes you on a journey of a family facing tough struggles but ultimately uniting.

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Release Day Review of Don't Deny Me Part 1 by Megan Hart

The bit on the back…

Alice and Mick had it all: the happy days, the heartfelt evenings, the hot, slow nights. But Mick couldn’t give her what she needed, and in a moment of crisis, they lost everything. Torn apart, Alice tries to pry him out of her life and move on—until a not-so-chance meeting at an old friend’s party brings them face-to-face once more. Now they’re talking again, Alice can’t escape the burning in her chest whenever he’s near, the way his eyes still follow her around the room…but she won’t repeat the mistakes of her past. Passion alone is nothing to build a life on. Or is it?

Firstly thank you to St Martin’s Press for approving me for a review copy of this title and the other parts in this mini romance serial.

This story is all about main characters Alice and Mick.

I haven’t read anything by Megan Hart before but I was drawn to both the cover and the fact that this was a mini-series which seems to be a trend in fiction right now.

The first part of their story takes place over the course of a weekend where they are both reunited properly after 10 years, through mutual friends. The reconnection is instant although we are not told very much about what happened between the characters to cause them to split up in the first place. So there is definitely a bit of mystery running throughout and I’m hoping all will be revealed later in the series.

The story is well written and captivating from the outset and throughout. This effectively ensures that I want to read onto part 2! The group of friends surrounding the two main characters each have their own stories as well as their parts in the lives of each main character although there is definitely more to be revealed.

If you enjoy serialised romance novels you should also check out The Affair by Beth Kery and Reasonable Doubt by Whitney Garcia.

Monday, 12 January 2015

Review of The Affair Week 7 by Beth Kery

The bit on the back…

Emma and Montand's exhilarating vacation in France takes them from the glamour of a luxury yacht to the dangerous thrill ride of the Montand Grand Prix, but it's the daring new levels of intimacy they share that leave Emma breathless. Their decadent getaway affords Emma insights into Montand she never anticipated when she learns more of the truth about his damaged childhood, his volatile relationship with his father, and the woman groomed to be Montand's substitute mother. Emma longs to help him fight his demons and end his suffering, but how can she, when his anger and guilt won't let him forgive his stepmother...or more importantly, himself?

There's a storm on the horizon, but for now, there's sun-drenched sweetness and the naked truth in each other's arms. Their days together are drawing to a close, giving every touch, every kiss, every moment of sensual submission and possession a wild, desperate intensity. They only have the moment so Emma and Montand surrender to it with total abandon.

Firstly, thank you to Headline Eternal for approving me for a review copy of this book via NetGalley!
So we are now on week 7 of The Affair! I have enjoyed each week so far but I think this might be my favourite week!

This week the race is set to go ahead in France and now that the couple are there together there is a sense of glamour, adrenaline and also desperation in the air! I love the setting and it definitely lends its glamour and luxury to the racing scene. I also loved that Emma was whisked into this by Vanni and took it on like a pro!

The air of desperation comes from the characters themselves as the time limit on their relationship looms ever close and I loved that live in the moment, seize every minute like it’s the last element of their relationship.

This is by far the most explicit of the series so far but don’t let that put you off or cloud the real love between the characters which is getting too strong to ignore! I am really enjoying this serial but the penultimate week has really kicked it up a gear! 

Sunday, 11 January 2015

Last week I...

Since it is the start of a new year I decided to try a little something different. This is also helping me to relax a little when it comes to blogging and is keeping up my with my New Year Resolutions not to get so stressed about scheduling posts! I've decided as part of the new stress-less me that I won't be posting reviews on the weekend but instead I thought I'd share something a little more personal!

So this post/feature is called "Last Week I..." and the whole point of it will be to tell you a little of what I got up to this past week. I know there are lots of posts out there that are similar but in the interest of not "stealing" anyone's idea I just made this feature's name up in my head like 2 seconds ago! Myself and my best friend and mummy blogger Kirsty (@tinybabysocks and will be posting this weekly, time/lives permitting! 

So! Last Week I...

We are on the 11th of January and I am in the middle of my 10th read of the year - no I can't quite believe it either! There are two things I am really going to try and tackle TBR-wise this year.

1) Read all book post books in time for their publication date! This is something I fell short on last year but I'm going to try this year to read everything on time which means making sure I don't over commit myself! The first book post book for this year is When I Met You by Jemma Forte and I'll be posting my review on the 14th of January.

2) Work on my NetGalley ratio! Again this is something I totally sucked at last year with the exception of the last few months where I really started to try and batter through it. My ratio is currently at it's highest ever 47% and this week I've been trying to read through some more (First Love by James Patterson and The Day We Disappeared by Lucy Robinson are just two of the galleys I've read this week), 7 of the books I've read this week have been galleys. 

Unfortunately I was poorly this week but it did mean I got to hang with my cheeky dog Cooper for a little bit! 

The middle picture was a late entry from last night when Scotland decided it needed to get it's white on and it snowed a whole bunch. Unfortunately we were out when I took this picture and the drive home was not fun. 

The other 4 pictures are the most exciting bits of news this week, especially in terms of my blog! Last year I started trying to branch out with some beauty and baking posts and this year I really want to substantiate those elements of my blog. I had a bit of a splurge on Tuesday night and the top middle picture and right middle picture are just two of the many products I bought. The first of those is the new Urban Decay Naked On The Run palette which I basically saw and decided I HAD to have it and the second product is a B. Defined Eyebrow Kit from Superdrug. I am basically a beginner when it comes to the old brows and my brows are sisters rather than twins, as my own loving sister likes to say. So I bought this simple palette and by following a youtube tutorial tried to make my eyebrows more twin like! 

I also had a little muck about with my new Naked make up whiiich is just as great as the rest of the range!

The bottom middle picture is of nail transfers that I actually bought to try from a retailer on Amazon. 2015 is going to be the year of the nail art for me and even though I have a terrible habbit of biting my nails I do love a good set of falsies! So watch out for some more nail art pics!  

The final picture (top right) is of The Pink Parcel which was delivered, actually at the end of last week and I had a whole post dedicated to that up on Friday, so make sure to check that out!

What have you been up to this week? 

Erin x

Friday, 9 January 2015

Beauty Spotlight: Pink Parcel

So this month, I signed up to Pink Parcel! Pink Parcel is a monthly beauty box designed for us girls by it's very nature as it is a special package delivered just in time for the arrival of your monthlies! The Pink Parcel supply branded feminine hygiene products of your choice as well as some lovely treats to cheer you up in a special "For You" box.

I don't know about you but feeling an impending sense of doom every four weeks is one of the least joyous things about being a girl! I no longer have any hang ups about buying tampons or towels but I can remember when I was younger I definitely felt embarrassed. This monthly delivery (first parcel £5.95 and £9.99 there after including delivery) is designed to make your time of the month more bearable. I've found this month that it is most definitely worth the £9.99 per month as it not only covered the cost of what I would usually spend anyway but came full of treats for me.

You can visit the website here. Pink Parcel also have a Teen Parcel website which I think is a fabulous idea. It has a blog with articles and advice that I would loved to have read when I was a teen. The link to the teen section is here. The great thing about Pink Parcel is it can be given as a gift too so is perfect for mums who have teen girls who are adjusting to the whole monthly situation!

I love the Pink Parcel packaging! It's pretty and feminine but looks sophisticated too.

Here are the contents of this month's Pink Parcel  For You box...

Pukka Detox Tea and Divine Chocolate - Inside every Pink Parcel there will be tea and chocolate to help you relax and to relieve pain (we all know chocolate works!) I've never tried either of these so looking forward to it!

Balance Activ Fresh wipes - This small pack is ideal for your handbag to keep you feeling fresh throughout the day. They are paraben and fragrance free and also flushable - just to keep making your life easier!

Flamingo Candles Parma Violet Scent Melt - Flamingo Candles are a brand I am hearing more and more about just recently. The sell these melts along with jar candles and have all sorts of gorgeous sounding fragrances such as Pink Lemonade, Strawberries and Champagne and of course Parma Violet!

Richard Ward Couture Hair Silk Protein Masque Treatment - This conditioner by Richard Ward, hairdresser to celebrities and royalty, is designed to leave your hair feeling sleek and frizz free.

Max Factor False Lash Effect Mascara - I have used the same mascara for years. I use Rimmel Lash Accelerator every time I put make up on and I never stray. I used to be less choosy but with an eye on the cost now I never deviate. So having this mascara in my For You box is great because it allows me to test a new mascara. I've had a quick go with it but there will be a full review later!

Binky London Lipstick in No.7 Romance - This is the first time I've came across anything by Binky London and I don't watch MIC so I don't know who Binky really is either. These lipsticks come in 8 colours, this is Romance which is a classic red shade. They come in at a very cheap £2.95.

Thursday, 8 January 2015

Review of On The Job by Beth Kery

The bit on the back…

Years ago, Walker and Madeline had a good thing going. They were young and impetuous, just a couple of kids indulging in the pleasures of a wild infatuation. But still, it meant the world to Madeline. And then, at the most vulnerable time of her life, when she needed him the most, he walked away.

Now, the ex-Secret Service agent is back to start his own security business. And Tony, his old friend and new billionaire client, has quite a proposition: protect his woman from threats against her life. The hitch? The woman in question is Madeline.

She's never forgotten Walker. And she's never forgiven him. Under the heat of the Lake Tahoe sun her sensual revenge begins. Making Walker pay will be a pleasure. But danger and desire make a combustible mix, and no one is prepared for the explosion.

I have been reading Beth Kery’s “The Affair” series and really enjoying it. It’s the first time I’ve read anything by this author but I really like the writing style so when I saw this was recommended for me on Amazon I one-clicked almost straight away.

This is a short novella about old flames Walker and Madeline.

The story starts off with a rather hot and illicit sex scene that sets the tone for the remainder of the story. If you’ve read anything by Beth before you will know she knows how to write a good sex scene and I loved that her female MCs seem to be quite feisty! Madeline is no exception to the rule here.

There is an intense connection between Madeline and walker that seems heightened by Walker’s position on his old friend’s security team.

Throwing together old friendships and passion the storyline is fast paced and will take you less than an hour to read.

Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Christmas Baking Haul

If you saw my post yesterday you will already know I was spoiled tremendously when it came to beauty products for my Christmas but not only that I was also very lucky to get some really cool baking gifts that I can't wait to use! I am a big baking fan and took part last year in baking along with The Great British Bake Off but now I will be better prepared for this year!

As I've said I love baking and started to blog more about it last year. Although I bake fairly regularly my expertise mainly lies in very simple sponge cakes and proper Scottish shortbread! I absolutely cannot wait to get stuck into the latest GBBO recipe book and some of these gifts will definitely help me out! Here are a few close ups!

I think this must have been specifically designed with me in mind! As I mentioned, one of my specialties is making shortbread. As soon as shortbread is taken out of the oven sugar has to be sifted over it. Right now I use a miniature sieve but I always, and I mean always, get sugar everywhere - hence the reason this feels as though it was made for me! The easy design allows you to fill the sifters cup with your sugar/powder and the attachable sieve is easily twisted into place!

2) Brioche Moulds by Lakeland

I have been dying to get these for ages and Santa has swooped in and saved the day. When I was Christmas shopping in Newcastle we saw these in Lakeland. I have been eager to make brioche ever since watching GBBO and can't wait to get stuck in this year! These are also dishwasher safe which is great because I hate tidying up after leaving a trail of baking debris behind me!

3) Joseph Joseph Adjustable Rolling Pin (Lakeland)

This is one of the most miraculous inventions ever! As I said I'm really only practiced in making sponge cakes and shortbread but I started to branch out with the GBBO baking challenge this year. I think one of the more technical things that I really struggled with (because my mum was busy) was measuring out the pastry correctly for the Tart Au Citron that I had a bash at. It was too thin in places and I had to push it into the tin to make sure it went all the way up the side. If I'd had this adjustable roller though I bet it would have been ten times easier! The rolling pin is smooth, solid wood so looks as though it will be hard wearing and easy to clean. It has measurements along the rolling pin so you can make sure you roll out to the length that you require but also has removable discs so you can make sure you are rolling out to the correct thickness too!

What is your favourite thing to bake? Do you have any "can't live without" baking tools or tricks? Let me know!

Erin xx

Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Christmas Beauty Haul!

As per usual I was completely spoiled with gifts this year - spoiled I tell you! And as I've decided to make beauty and baking more fundamental to my blog I decided that I would let you in on all my lovely Christmas presents! Today's post is all about the lovely beauty goodies that I received and tomorrow will be all about the baking stuff I absolutely cannot wait to use!

Firstly, I got a lovely surprise from my gorgeous boyfriend. This present is extra special because it wasn't on the list of hints that I gave him and because he told me that he spent ages in the shop searching for the exact right thing and let me just tell you he has absolutely got my taste to a tee with this!

So this is Bvlgari Omnia Coral perfume. There are two things I really love about this, firstly the fragrance. It's fruity but not over powering in any way and kind of reminds me of DKNY's Be Delicious. I also really love the funky bottle which is like two rings interlinked with the centre strip of the top ring being the press to release the perfume. Omnia comes in other fragrances - you can check out the range out at The Perfume Shop.

Here are the other beauty gifts I received - like I said completely spoiled!

From the top left here are a few close ups!

1) Real Techniques Core Collection by Sam and Nic Chapman.

I've been looking forward to trying these brushes out since I started watching Sam and Nic's Pixiwoo make up tutorials on Youtube this summer. My sister treated me to this collection for my Christmas. It contains a detailer brush, foundation brush, buffing brush and contouring brush and comes with a case which handily doubles up as a stand for your brushes! Check out Sam and Nic's guide to brushes here.

2) Bourjois Delice de Poudre Bronzer Powder

I was given this from my friend Kirsten who has her own fashion blog which you can check out here. The product is designed to look like chocolate and has been infused with a chocolate fragrance too so smells great. I can't wait to try this out with my new Real Techniques brushes.

3) Urban Decay Naked Ultra Nourishing Lip Gloss

I love Urban Decay products, particularly their Naked range although my own collection is limited to the eye palettes I was given this gorgeous lip gloss for Christmas in Rule 34. I've worn it a few times over the festive period but a full review will be up soon!

4) Jack Wills Fabulous Weekend Essentials - available at Boots

I love the Boots star buys leading up to Christmas and this was one of the many this year. I also love that this was another well chosen surprise from my boyfriend. I often stay with him at the weekend so this gift has a dual purpose of the weekend bag along with all of the products inside. There's everything from body butter to a sports bottle to complete your weekend essentials! 

I cannot wait to start using all of these beauty products! Look out for my reviews!

What beauty products did you get for Christmas?

Erin x

Monday, 5 January 2015

New Year, New Year

Happy New Year! I can hardly believe that we are already at the start of 2015. Does anyone else feel like 2014 has literally flown past? I definitely has for me in a whirlwind of books, spending time with my family, my bestie and her new baby and hopping off to Florida for 3 weeks!

Last year I set myself a challenge of reading over 150 books which I smashed and I've sent myself the same target this year. The reason I decided to set myself the same challenge is because this year I also pledge to remember that I'm blogging because it's supposed to be a fun side line that opens up this entire book community to me and not, like it felt at some points throughout last year, a job - I certainly don't get paid for it!

There were a lot of great things that happened last year, along with some not so great ones but I'm hoping that this year is going to be great. One thing I am going to try out this year is crying less. I am such a cry baby. I can literally cry at anything but this year I will be stronger! Have you set yourself any resolutions?

Last year I was totally hooked on The Vampire Diaries. This year, while I'll still be hooked on Ian Somerhalder, I'll be working my way through Lost and this will be the year that I finally watch Sons of Anarchy! You can check out my top ten books of 2014 here, and this year in bookish terms my main goal is to catch up with my NetGalley shelf and with all the book post that I have as outstanding to read right now!

I started to branch out a bit blog-wise last year with the addition of some baking and beauty posts. That's something I'm hoping to continue this year with more dedicated posts. Over the next few days you'll be able to see my Christmas beauty and baking hauls. I'm looking forward to making this a more fundamental part of my blog and to meeting more of the beauty bloggers that are out there!

I wish everyone all of the very best for 2015 and hope that it is full of health and happiness for you all, and lots of books too of course!

Erin x